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ΗΛΕΚΤΡΟΝΙΚΑΗλεκτρονικά Όργανα ΜέτρησηςΕιδικά Ηλεκτρονικά Όργανα ΜέτρησηςUT-342
UT-342 Μετρητής πάχους επικάλυψης μπογιάς


UT-342 Μετρητής πάχους επικάλυψης μπογιάς
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Κωδικός: UT-342

UT-342 Μετρητής πάχους επικάλυψης, μπορεί να μετρήσει πάχος μπογιάς πάνω σε ατσάλι ή αλουμίνιο,
μέγιστος μετρούμενο πάχος 1000μm,
ανάλυση1 μm,
ακρίβεια 3%.
Κατασκευαστής : UNI-T


 UNI-T UT342  Features
•Measure thickness
•Portable, lightweight unit
•Iron matrix measurement range of 0μm-55μm and aluminium matrix measure of 0μm of 55μm and 56-1000μm
•1μm resolution
•Data Hold
•Low Battery Indication
•Continuous or Single Measurements

UNI-T UT342 Technical Specifications

  • Iron Matrix Measurement Range 0μm-55μm (±3dgt accuracy) and 56μm-1000μm (±3.0%+1dgt)
  • Aluminium Matrix Measurement Range 0μm-55μm (±3dgt accuracy) and 56μm-1000μm (±3.0%+1dgt)
  • Resolution 1μm
  • Display Count 10000
  • Auto Power Off Yes
  • Low Battery Indication Yes
  • Data Hold Yes
  • MAX/MIN Yes
  • Data Logging 2000
  • LCD Backlight Yes
  • Measurement Mode Continuous or Single Measurements
  • Key Mis-Press Buzzer Yes
  • Power 9V Alakaline Battery (6LF22)
  • LCD Size 22mm x 22mm
  • Product Colour Red and Grey
  • Product Net Weight 144.2g
  • Product Size 153mm x 110mm x 40mm

UNI-T UT342  Details

The UNI-T UT342 Coating Thickness Gauge is ideal for testing the thickness of coatings surrounding electrical devices and currents. It can be used to measure up to 1,000 micro meters of iron matrix in two measurement ranges. It can also be used to measure up to 1,000 micro metres of aluminium matrix in two measurement ranges. All results are accurate to up to three percent. Additionally, the digital thickness gauge has a resolution of one micro metre.

The UNI-T UT342 Coating Thickness Gauge is very easy to use as its pistol design makes operation both quick and comfortable. The screen is located on the handle, meaning that during use, your results are easily visible. Three buttons are located underneath the screen for quick access and easy control. The trigger is located on the underside of the body, meaning it is easy to obtain results whilst maintaining control over the direction and retaining access to the screen.

The thickness gauge has an LCD screen with a backlight, which is capable of displaying a maximum value of 9,999. Additionally, the device is capable of storing up to 2,000 results, allowing you to recall this information later. Other noteworthy features include the auto-off function and the MIN/MAX function.

This thickness meter requires a nine volt alkaline battery. As the product weighs 144g, and measures 153 x 110 x 40 millimetres, it is highly portable, and the fact that it is battery powered capitalises on this.


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Είδικη τιμή στο internet: 156,80 €
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